School Info

Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School
90 Bur Oak Ave.
Markham, ON
L6C 2E6
Tel: 905.887.2216
Fax: 905.887.7783
School Email: Send an email to the school
Start Time: 8:15am     End Time: 2:50pm


Call the Main Office for first language support: Cantonese and Mandarin – dial extension 190

PRINCIPAL: Ms. Debbie Linkewich   

Send an email to Ms. Linkewich or VM 188

VICE PRINCIPAL: Ms. Virginia Bregg (last name A-H)  

Send an email to Ms. Bregg or VM 186

 VICE PRINCIPAL:Ms. Suelyn Cheong (last name I-P)  

Send an email to Ms. Cheong or VM 189

 VICE PRINCIPAL: Mr. George Tsigaridis (last name Q-Z)  

Send an email to Mr. Tsigaridis or VM 187

To contact a teacher

SUPERINTENDENT:                 Mrs. Rashmi Swarup

SCHOOL TRUSTEE:                  Mr. Allan Tam

Daily Schedule:

Period 1 8:15 am–9:34 am
Period 2 9:38 am–10:53 am
Period 3 10:57 am—12:12 pm
Period 4 12:16 pm—1:31 pm
Period 5 1:35 pm—2:50 pm